Teach effectively
Lernschwierigkeiten und Prüfungsstress überwinden dank Lerncoachings und Mentaltraining. Erfolgreich und fokusiert lernen. Ängste abbauen. Supervisionen für Lehrpersonen und Bildungsinstitutionen. Coachings bei beruflichen Herausforderungen. Psychotherapien. Angebote in Berlin, Schaffhausen, Zürich.
Regina Hunter, Dr. Regina Hunter, Lerncoaching, Lernkonzentration, minimal lernen, Supervision, Psychotherapie, Berlin, Schaffhausen, Zürich, Prüfungsstress, Prüfungsangst, Lernfokus, fokusiert lernen, Selbstvertrauen stärken, Selbstvertrauen, Angst zu versagen
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Reducing things to their essentials is a path to high performance

Organizational development for schools and training institutions

We advise and support schools and training institutions in the areas of learning and performance success. We reduce the amount of learning material and the experience of the requirements. We convey the essential to see and in this overview the desire and certainty to achieve goals is rekindled.

After a project and a study at a Berlin grammar school, we offer a four-month module for school classes. We make it possible to have a corrective experience with learning success by conveying efficiency in terms of material reduction and time management.

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