Supervision in teaching
Lernschwierigkeiten und Prüfungsstress überwinden dank Lerncoachings und Mentaltraining. Erfolgreich und fokusiert lernen. Ängste abbauen. Supervisionen für Lehrpersonen und Bildungsinstitutionen. Coachings bei beruflichen Herausforderungen. Psychotherapien. Angebote in Berlin, Schaffhausen, Zürich.
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Reducing things to their essentials as a path out of conflicts

Supervision in teaching

Supervision in the field of teaching provides support in meeting the performance requirements on the one hand and, on the other, in securing their own workability under high stress. When the extent of the requirements and the content lead to overload, a concentration and the effort of getting down to the essentials is often just the prerequisite needed for maintaining the desired results and to achieving them again.

Supervision is a neutral, external support for discovering ways out of conflicts in the performance requirements and for implementing them in an accompanying way. It is only when there is security in the relationships that liberated teaching and successful learning can take place.

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