Lernschwierigkeiten und Prüfungsstress überwinden dank Lerncoachings und Mentaltraining. Erfolgreich und fokusiert lernen. Ängste abbauen. Supervisionen für Lehrpersonen und Bildungsinstitutionen. Coachings bei beruflichen Herausforderungen. Psychotherapien. Angebote in Berlin, Schaffhausen, Zürich.
Regina Hunter, Dr. Regina Hunter, Lerncoaching, Lernkonzentration, minimal lernen, Supervision, Psychotherapie, Berlin, Schaffhausen, Zürich, Prüfungsstress, Prüfungsangst, Lernfokus, fokusiert lernen, Selbstvertrauen stärken, Selbstvertrauen, Angst zu versagen
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Reducing things to their essentials as a path out of overloading demands and anxieties


In psychotherapy sessions, we see your current difficulties as opportunities for finding a new and easier way of relating to yourself, others and your life. I would be glad to be able to assist you in taking such step.

As a long-time experienced and solution-oriented psychotherapist, I am able to offer you a variety of psychotherapeutic methods.

In the method of Resource Therapy I offer individual sessions, supervision and I am part of the training team in Zurich and Berlin at, and Resource Therapy is a short-term psychotherapeutic method that in a respectful, gentle way enables states of the personality, which cause us difficulties, to fill in new tasks.

Are you interested? I am glad about your inquiry!