Lernschwierigkeiten und Prüfungsstress überwinden dank Lerncoachings und Mentaltraining. Erfolgreich und fokusiert lernen. Ängste abbauen. Supervisionen für Lehrpersonen und Bildungsinstitutionen. Coachings bei beruflichen Herausforderungen. Psychotherapien. Angebote in Berlin, Schaffhausen, Zürich.
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Our world, so full of possibilities and rich choices, can spoil us as much as it can overwhelm us. To reach our goals, we must learn to focus on the essential content.

Concerning the coachings

A method that changes the learning behaviour by 180°

I have now done some coaching sessions for learning concentration and have had very positive experiences. S. came to me with an insufficient grade point average and was already thinking about quitting business school. … told me a few days ago that she passed the final exam with a grade point average of 4.8 (good). … it is a simple and very effective method to learn a lot in a short time and with little effort. The coaching is great fun, because there are many click moments with the clients and many of them decide to enlarge their training at a later date.
A method that changes the learning behaviour by 180° and also enables working people to broaden their education without much effort.

Experiences of S.E. from the application of coachings for learning concentration

I experienced a great sense of achievement

Because of my learning difficulties at university, I wanted to get support… Already at the first session it became clear to me what I had done wrong in my learning so far and how I can now proceed concretely. The learning coaching with her was very helpful, efficient and adapted to my individual needs. Right after the first session, I was able to implement Mrs. Hunter’s learning strategies, which were previously unknown to me, one-to-one. I successfully passed my oral examination, for which I studied for two weeks according to this principle. … I experienced a great sense of achievement.

Student at a university

My grades increased and increased

Not only has this book changed how I learn, but moreover my complete studies, my leisure time, my exam nerves (that disappeared suddenly), my grades, my understanding… My grades increased and increased. I was able to enjoy my studies thanks to Regina Hunter. My Bachelor thesis was awarded the grade 5.5 (this being good to very good in Switzerland or 1.5 in Germany), so that I have passed it. Minimal learning is simply an absolute blessing for all students!!!

Tina, Z., University of Applied Sciences, 2014

Helped me a lot

I use the study cards for the subjects German and business management. I also always have them on me so that I can take a look at them no matter where I am. The study cards have helped me a lot up to now. I now have a 5.8 in German and 5.9 (with 6 as the best grade) in business management.

Carole M., Commercial College, 2016

Being able to complete the further training

I mostly came home and asked myself “What did we do in the last two lessons?“. I had already considered breaking the further training off. Regina Hunter encouraged me to complete the college and take the final exam. I am really pleased that I accepted these tips and the help from Regina Hunter, resulting in me being able to complete the further training. I hereby realised that everyone can also learn something well even if it does not interest a person to a great extent or even if it had looked upon as being too much.
Sonja, N., Vocational Further Training, 2015

Shortly before the apprenticeship exam

With the assistance of Ms Hunter, I was able to pass the apprenticeship exam without any additional difficulties despite the fact that I had severe difficulties before the exam. I would certainly not have passed the apprenticeship exam without the assistance.
Lea K., Apprenticeship Exam, 2015
Feedback on the examination success after a coaching that comprised 2 sessions during a period of 3 weeks shortly before the apprenticeship exam in plastics technology.

A greater quality of life!

With the minimal learning principle, I learned how to determine which information in the subject matter is important which not so, before breaking the important information into ‘digestible portions’ … The writing on the cards was reduced to such an extent that the end of the second year that it was almost like Morse code. (My fellow students often jokingly referred to my index cards as “post from the CIA”, as the texts are almost incomprehensible and intransparent for those who are not in the know). Another important aspect of minimal learning that I am very thankful for the subject of breaks, as trivial this may seem. I also therefore had to learn to trust this principle. This happened quite fast however, as I achieved as good results with my learning style as the marathon learners did, but in a much more relaxed manner and with a greater quality of life!

Katharina E., University of Applied Sciences Qualification, 2014

More self convidence

The appointment with Regina Hunter has made it clear to us that not only an excessive demand could be behind a loss of motivation, but also frustration regarding his real abilities and competences not being recognised. Making it clear to the child/juvenile how strong and intelligent he/she is despite the current existence of difficulties at school, changed his and our attitude to him and the situation, automatically resulting in relaxation and an increased proactivity. The shortening of the subject matter to the fundamentals reminds me on the only thing that I have sustainability learned from my law studies that lasted a number of years.
The reduction of the decisive core subject matter has provided my daughter with more self-confidence and let her shorten and intensify her learning times.

Katharina, Mother, 2017

Best in class

It is now two months since we came to you with J, asking you for urgently needed support in school matters. The SINGLE appointment with you was the one administration of a long-lasting medicine to build him up.
It was the decisive factor that we left the counselling as a family team united with a feeling of “We all pull together and all will be well even if it is arduous“. As far as I am concerned, a special contribution to this was that you encouraged J in your positive and authentic manner, resulting in J. rediscovering his self-belief, this belief otherwise being a strongly shaken sapling. He was hereby motivated to return to learning – this being SIMPLIFIED learning thanks to you however. No wonder that this produced results..! He came home from school the day before yesterday with a radiant look on his face, he was the best in class in the oral French test- this had never happened before!! All in all: it was certainly worth it – only ONE appointment and such results- and we thank you all from the bottom of our heats for the wonderful support! We wish you continued success, heartfelt greetings Margarete (I am also pleased to write the following postscript: anyone who wants to ensure that this feedback is genuine, can contact me!)

Margarete, K., Mother 2017

Inspiring input

With “minimal lernen“, our son was provided with an inspiring input that made his gymi preparation much easier. Regina Hunter’s motivating manner has provided additional support. It is still the case today – he has passed the entrance examination and the probationary period in the meantime –, that the basic concept of “minimal lernen“ is of great help to him in everyday school life.
Katharina B., Mother, 2015

Neither the analysis nor the treatment demanded much

Particularly against the background that training and the exercise of my profession were no hurdles, the panic fears… Of course, I was also aware that this would stand in the way of my further development and career.

At first I was sceptical, but with a certain amount of fatalism, I went to … for treatment. It is of remarkable importance to me that neither the analysis nor the treatment demanded much, which means that physical and / or psychological stress situations are to be understood. It was noticeable, from appointment to appointment, how the burden that had been my constant companion for years or decades fell from me. Fortunately for me, this did not, of course, bring about a change in my personality or side effects such as those caused by medication with psychotropic drugs.

Meanwhile, speeches in front of large groups are part of my work and even connected with fun; can I just give myself as I am. As a person who is constantly in the spotlight, which would have been unthinkable for me before, I enjoy the regained freedom… Within just a few sessions it is … succeeded in eliminating what has burdened me for years and hindered my personal development.

In retrospect, the only criticism that remains is that this treatment, which is gentle on the body and psyche, is still very unknown.

My short but effective learning phase was a pleasure

My short but effective learning phase was a pleasure… The exam went really well, by the way! I didn’t know ONE word and was able to give many correct answers. … I am sure I passed. … I need structure and certainty regarding the method of learning! This is what your training gave me. Pleasure in learning is just as important and through the guided visualisation of the desired goal I was able to summon up the necessary enthusiasm for learning and achieve my learning goal.

Graduate of a medical-therapeutic special training, part-time

With a clear target

The mood was very subdued during the coaching. I found it amazing that your ideas and thoughts resulted in self-confidence being restored within a short period of time. We are normally crushed after such appointments but my son and I went home after the coaching with you in a relieved mood and with a clear target.
Rudolph I., Father, 2016


… He was lucky to get to know Dr. Hunter in the 6th grade, this being a period when he hated French. He was unable to understand it even after we had tried various learning methods and tutoring lessons. We had 2 – 3 appointments with Dr. Hunter and discussed where the problems were and how he could learn faster and easier. He is now a secondary pupil and his French grade is between 5 and 6 (with 6 as the best grade). He is now able to learn without stress and without a need for tutoring lessons and he is very pleased about it, it is doing him extremely good.
Nurcan D., Mother, 2015

16 of 18 children

I recently held a learning objectives test in completion of an intensive exercise phase with simple multiplications. Five of the children failed the learning objective. These children were very disappointed and tears were shed. I read passages from your book at the weekend… The book motivated me first. I wanted to start a second exercise phase together with the children. The children reacted spontaneously in a positive manner. All of them were prepared to work again. The school pupils again learned simple multiplications with great simplicity and motivation over a period of three weeks. They worked at the exam in a leisurely and concentrated manner. 16 of 18 children were awarded grades of between 5 and 6 (good to very good, R.H.).
Anita S., Primary School Teacher 2012


Hello dear gymi entrance team:) I wanted to thank you. The work you completed is impressive. THANKS for letting us take place.

Ben, Y., 2014

Motivation mails

Dear Ms Hunter, I do not go to school in the narrowest sense, but I had to overcome a large and partially nerve-wracking challenge in recent weeks and months, that I successfully completed at the end. This also being due to your motivation mails! The mails always arrived at the right time.
Andrea B., 2015

Something in our hands

About the book:

“I read your book; as captivating as a crime thriller, as touching as a love story… so concise and appropriate, so pragmatic and practically useful and as attentive and hopeful with regard to the intention. With your book, I believe that we educators have got something in our hands that could change our work.“

Niklaus G., Class Teacher at a Secondary School, 2011

Scientific meta-analysis on learning

“As many other books, this book describes the basic rules of learning and how learning can succeed. However, all of the statements that are made are proven by source information and scientific analyses – and this is what makes this book so unique. It is a form of scientific meta-analysis on learning. Suitable for educators, parents and other teachers and learners. A MUST for educators.“

Amazon, Metaanalyse, 2012

Practically feasible

“With her book, the author is presenting a handy and expressive workbook on this subject. Amazingly enough, hardly any contributions (with the exception as such from M. Lehner) on the subject of didactic reduction exist in the German-speaking area. Summary: a carefully researched and practically feasible book that is suitable for education specialists, school principals and parents who want to create “accommodating situations“ (Jürgen Habermaas) and have recognised the relevance of a clever and didactic reduction.“
Amazon, Viel Stoff – wenig Zeit: Lernerfolg mit didaktischer Reduktion, 2012